Frequently Asked Questions

  What is hail damage?

Hail from hailstorms come in different shapes, sizes and velocities. When these rock hard ice pellets hit your home, numerous hail damage patterns can be formed. Severe hailstorms can cause granular bareness on shingles, holes in you siding, or broken glass. In less violent circumstances your shingles may become softened, your siding can become chipped, cracked, or dented, and water leakage can form from compromised materials on the exterior of your home. This could threaten you and your family's comfort and safety.

  Do I need someone to inspect my home for hail damage?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you contact a hail damage specialist for a thorough damage inspection of your home. There are many types of damages that can only be detected by trained eyes. We provide a no-obligation inspection for hail damage and can make recommendations regarding the best way to move forward.

  When is the right time to call a hail damage specialist?

It is important that you call the hail damage specialist immediately after your home is hit by a storm. This is especially important if you have insurance because all damages must be recorded and documented for claims within 12 months of the storm.

  Do I still need a professional inspector even if I don't see any hail damage in my roof and siding?

Except in severe cases, hail damage to roofing and siding is very difficult to spot unless done by a hail damage specialist. Hail damage that is not obvious from the naked eye can be equally as dangerous as visible damage. When hail stones hit your roof, it causes soft spots where the outer layer of granules will become very loose. Overtime the granules in these damaged spots will fall out, causing your roof to age and deteriorate drastically. This may also be true to siding and windows. Waiting will on worsen the damage, so call immediately for an inspection.

  Is hail damage covered by manufacturers warranty?

No ,most manufacturers, home builders and home contractors do not include hail damage in their warranty.Is hail damage covered by homeowners insurance?Yes, hail damage is covered by most common home insurance policies(HO-3). The amount of your insurance will vary according to the premiums and terms of your policy. Most insurance companies don't want to give you a brand new roof. It is important that you have representation when dealing with insurance companies.

  What damages should i report to my insurance?

It is extremely important to properly inform your insurers of the full extent of the damage so they can accurately compensate for all losses covered.